Autumn was Here

And then I see it, a small leaf trapped in the ice.  A small but significant reminder that Autumn was here. 


a FUN run?

When my friend Ali asked if I would join her for the Black Cat Fun Run at Point Defiance, I knew that I would say yes. But I also knew that there might be people at church that would like to join in the fun with us too. So we put the announcement in the... Continue Reading →

Who am I?

I remember when I was growing up, I would hear people talk about their friends - "I've known them forever... We've been friends for life... We met when we were in kindergarten... They've been part of my life longer than they were not part of my life." I've always wondered what it would be like... Continue Reading →

What is love?

Agape sees through the masks, it pushes us, it asks for courage, and it forces us to a place of vulnerability.

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