Lazarus’ Pandemic Tomb of Hope

We don’t know exactly what Lazarus’ life looked like before he died, but we do know that his new life was started at the side of Jesus; probably not realizing that his death and resurrection was a sign of what Jesus was about to go through as well; a sign for millions of people over thousands of years that Jesus is the Messiah – our hope, the Son of God.

“The Bones” of Faith Over Fear

So I wonder, was Mary that confident that the foundation of her faith had no cracks and that she had a faith in God built the right way that any storm she might face will just blow over and that she and her family will prevail?

Narrative Report 2019

Often, I feel beyond blessed that I get to experience so many stories of inspiration in seeing how your generous dollars in the offering plate are reflected in the lives of the youth, young adults, and families of Pilgrim. The last year has been spent really getting to know the families and youth of Pilgrim... Continue Reading →

It was…bittersweet

This past weekend, I was in northern Wisconsin for my uncle's, my papa's, funeral. I am so beyond thankful to the friends at Pilgrim who texted, called, and emailed to say they were thinking of me this weekend. It means more than you can possibly know. However, when people ask me how my trip was,... Continue Reading →

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