It’s where I come from!

I am honored to have had a place that loved me, cared for me, raised me, and sent me out into the world.


Going to the Mountain Tops

Going to the Mountain Tops...After the mountain tops, we have to go back to life.

Who am I?

I remember when I was growing up, I would hear people talk about their friends - "I've known them forever... We've been friends for life... We met when we were in kindergarten... They've been part of my life longer than they were not part of my life." I've always wondered what it would be like... Continue Reading →

What is love?

Agape sees through the masks, it pushes us, it asks for courage, and it forces us to a place of vulnerability.

Special Moments & Invitations

We each celebrate special moments in our own way. In the Christian faith we are called to live our life to be that it not be about us. In these special moments, we are reminded that sometimes it is about us and the people we have been blessed to be surrounded by.

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